Picture It

October 13 2020

On-camera chemistry doesn’t translate into real-life romance…right?

Model Kate Isp never gets involved with photographers. But that didn’t stop one from ruining her professional reputation. The worst part? Now the only one who can help salvage what’s left of her career is—you guessed it—a photographer. The fact that the man in question is sweet, talented, and ridiculously sexy? Irrelevant. Her life’s a disaster. There’s no way she’s going to throw love into the mix.

Adam Crawford’s life isn’t going to plan, either. His ex took their influencer account with her in the break-up, leaving him high and dry. A win at an upcoming award ceremony might be enough to prove he’s more than a point-and-click guy—and Kate is exactly the model he needs. He’ll just have to somehow keep his mind (and hands) off the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen…

Can Kate and Adam find a way to rescue their careers and carve out a path to happily ever after? Or will their picture-perfect partnership end in heartbreak?

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On Canvas

April 27 2021

Picture-perfect love only comes along once in a lifetime…right?

Single dad Max Beckett doesn’t want anything to do with romance. Been there, done that, still had the emotional scars to prove it. His focus now has to remain on being the best father he can be. And part of that means making sure his little girl’s education is top notch. If he has to appeal to the school board to eliminate frivolous classes such as art to improve her core classes, so be it.

Too bad his daughter has other ideas.

As it turns out, she has artistic talent and needs a teacher. She needs Amy Murphy—who just happens to be the sexiest (and most infuriating) free-spirit Max has ever met.

Amy is his opposite in every way. And still, she makes him want things—feel things—he never thought he’d have again. Not since he lost his wife. But when all is said and done, will Max be able to let go of the past and have a future with Amy? Or will happily ever after slip through his fingers once again?

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Fake It

November 9, 2021

Everyone leaves eventually...right?

Charlie Isp learned that lesson from a young age, and it's one she's taken to heart. Screw relationships. She doesn't need that mess.

But when Charlie has to visit her estranged father in Middle-Of-Nowhere, Maine, her best option is to hitch a ride with her oh-so-sexy best friend Gabe Hawkins, whose family owns a ski lodge nearby.

Gabe hadn't thought he'd go back home for anything - especially at Christmastime. But if it's Charlie asking, he can't say no. Gabe's been quietly pining for his best friend for years, even if he knows nothing will happen between them.

But when Gabe's family gets the wrong idea about their relationship and thinks they're engaged, Gabe convinces Charlie to play along with their assumptions for his own reasons. Will the two of them find something worth holding on to? Or will they just have to fake it?

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Author Bio

Jana McKewen lives in Oregon with her husband, two kids, a homicidal cat, a whimpy German Shepherd, and a Golden Retriever puppy with more bravado than a whole gangster movie. 

Before publishing, Jana worked in public relations, sales, and *gulp* taxes. But even while working in those fields, her weekends and evenings were spent writing. She can usually be found guzzling coffee at her computer while writing, editing, tweeting about writing and editing, or playing The Sims to make her characters come to life. On the off chance she's not sitting at her computer, she's probably willing her plants to grow, cooking something without a recipe, making a dent in her 'to be read' pile, watching television reruns with her daughters, or playing with her ridiculous puppies. 

Jana loves connecting with readers. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or her newsletter, all of which are linked below. 



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